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Location: Germany / Type: Playgrounds / Squares and Plazas / Built: 2021 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on June 20, 2022

Konrad-Adenauer-Platz is one of the central places in downtown Langenfeld (Rhineland), adjoining the city hall. Several businesses are located alongside the square such as catering, retail and different types of services. The floors above the shops, stores and restaurants are predominantly used as apartments. The northwest corner of the square opens up towards the city-hall-parking lot and  Theodor-Heuss street. This area is partially sub-structured by an underground parking area. 

The reason for the remodelling were technical, functional and design issues of the former space. The goals for the redesign were a higher level of sojourn quality, as well as improved rezoning of and accessibility to the space. The rectified area encompasses the square itself, Kurt-Schumacher street (the entrance to the city gallery) and the entrée leading to Theodor-Heuss street.

The centre of the new square is a “mosaic carpet” made of small permeable paving in different shades of grey, enclosed by large-sized pavement. By preserving and endorsing the existing plane trees on the longitudinal edge of the square, the centre is further accentuated. Varying floor levels have been evened out to ensure accessibility. Large seating areas invite to linger and an installed water play element became a beloved meeting-point. 

The southern part of the area offers space for outdoor catering. Generous staircases and platforms connect the square to the city hall parking lot and its further surroundings. While the Kurt-Schumacher street in the south functions as a passage and connection to the city gallery the northern areas towards Theodor-Heuss street function as activity and leisure spaces including a number of playground devices.

Several differently sized and created “islands” are placed across the entire planning territory, that ease up the square by their amorph shapes. They serve as plant-holders for grasses and shrubs, raised beds including trees and provide seating options. 

Fun and some refreshment during the summer are delivered by a “water-island” with a flat pool, a fog nozzle field and a water film which overflows the “island” evenly. On the northern edge of the  “islands” various play elements are located for instance an interactive play arc and a sandpit.

The selection of vegetation is based on ecological, climatic and site-specific factors. Mainly consisting of grasses such as purple melic grass, snowy wood-rush and feather grass as well as shrubs such as common yarrow, meadowsweet and white wood aster. They are paired up with trees such as platans, French maple and various cornels.

The square is further equipped with a drinking water fountain, a public bookcase and a guidance system for the blind and partially blind.

At night, the squares centre, its entrance and the seating walls in the raised beds are illuminated by LED lights.

Landscape Architecture: Foerder

Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Markus Loh Landschaftsarchitektur

Client: Stadt Langenfeld

Project Location: Konrad-Adenauer-Platz, 40764 Langenfeld, Germany

Year Built: 2020-2021

Manufacturer of playground equipment: Kinderland Emsland Spielgeräte, Yalp GmbH

Photos: Jan Ladwig

The Google Map below may show the site before the construction of the project. 

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