Königwiesen Parks in Schleswig

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Location: Germany / Type: Horticultural Show / Parks / Playgrounds / Built: 2008 /
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The central concern of the park´s design is to link the banks of the Schlei (a narrow inlet of the Baltic Sea) with the city of Schleswig and its main historical focal points: the Gottorf Castle, the old town and the cathedral. On the one hand, the landscape of the Schlei characterizes the park, and on the other, the visual relationships of important historical buildings offer structure, enabling a triad city-park-Landscape. 

The axes and paths, as a linear, basic structure divide the park into three east-west oriented zones: a residential area, a sports and leisure band and a meadow area. The connecting axes are complemented by two generous arched paths, the Plessenweg and the Uferweg. 

On the Königswiesen, tree axes, tree grids and solitary trees construct different spaces. Some are open and wide, some closed and dense. The selection of trees is in direct correspondence with the intended uses of the park as well as their seasonality. Inlaid in a framework of lines and spaces, connected to paths separated and surrounded by trees, a variety of functions are integrated into the park in accordance with the Volkspark concept. 

Herring fishing playground at the Königswiesen

The “Herring fishing playground” is located on the Königswiesen Schleswig in the middle of an oak grove on the banks of the Schlei. 

The theme park extends to a variety of play elements such as climbing traps and fishing nets, as well as a fishing tower. The herring fence is formed by strung Robina trunks at different heights, offering children many climbing and balancing possibilities between poles and wooden fish-like figures. At the water’s edge, fishing rods with wiggling poses are stuck on the sandy beach. The main highlight of the playground is an 11,5 meters high slide tower with two tubular slides set at a height of 5 and 7,5 meters.  

Viking playground

This playground is inspired by the Viking settlement Haitabu, and the former dragon-boat harbour in the mouth of the Schlei. 

Surrounded by a rampart-like topography, this Viking settlement has huts, goats and sheep, a large cooking space as a sandy area and a “high chair”, an iconic piece among Vikings. Nearby, storage barrels can be climbed from the inside and outside. By the shipyard area, a large stern with a dragon’s head, loose planks and oars become climbing frames, seesaws and balancing elements. From here, those adventurous will head out to sea, where a Viking dragon boat has just capsized a Phoenician merchant ship. 

The play elements are developed according to different levels of difficulty, making the playground suitable for all ages, where the smaller ones can play on the deck and below the deck.

Landscape Design and Architecture: TGP

Other designers involved in the design of landscape: PPP Architekten + Stadtplaner GmbH

Project Location: Schleswig, Germany 

Design year: 1st. Prize, Competition. 2005. Planning: 2005 – 2007

Year Built: 2005 – 2008

Manufacturer of playground equipment: SpielAHOI Tilman Stachat, Berlin

Photographer: Stephan Baumann, bild_raum

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