Klockelund Beach Park

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Location: Stockholm / Sweden / Type: Forest / Look-outs / Nature Paths / Waterfronts / Built: 2019 /
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The suburb of Farsta, south of Stockholm, is undergoing significant development with plans to double its current population. The expansion particularly focuses on locating new residential areas around the two lakes Magelungen and Drevviken. Concurrently there is extensive efforts to improve public space. Along the beach of Drevviken runs a beautiful stretch of uncultivated land that holds high ecological value as an integral part of an important biotope. In this stretch of natural land, LAND has been involved in implementing added recreational values and public spaces.

Drevviken’s beach is part of a larger recreational network. It sits at the intersection of two important recreational trails connecting Farsta center with the two lakes and nearby forests. The Klockelund beach park is an integral segment of this longer stretch. Considering the significant natural and cultural values​​ LANDS design has been carefully made to enhance and preserve them.

The project around Klockelund is linked to a development comprising approximately 500 new residencies close by. Integrated in the existing biotopes, new park spaces are inserted that enhances the character of the vegetation. Wet woodlands with alder carr are made accessible, a rocky outcrop with pine and oak trees is furnished with a viewing tower overlooking Drevviken and new open lawns are added for recreation. A new main path guides visitors through the park’s different zones, each named and designed to highlight the cultural history of the site. At the heart of the park, situated on the site of the former croft, a new croft garden is established, accompanied by a large jetty extending into Drevviken, creating a central meeting point.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: LAND Arkitektur

Team LAND Arkitektur: Sofia Nylén, Rebecka Rosén, Katrin svensson & Emilia Molin

Client: Exploateringskontoret, Stockholm.

Project location: Drevviken Farsta, Stockholm. 59.24503118962385, 18.114842662362545

Year built: 2015 – 2019

Photo credits: Ulf Lundin

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