Klein Kadoelen

Klein Kadoelen is a new residential neighbourhood of 48 homes situated between the metropolitan developments on the IJ and the unique Waterland to the north of Amsterdam. The neighbourhood is located on a corner between the Landsmeerderdijk and the Kadoelenweg, an authentic street with ribbon development. This location offers a beautiful view of the Wilmkebreek Polder, a reclaimed piece of grassland and a valuable nature reserve in the middle of the area.

Klein Kadoelen has the spatial quality of a back dike area: lower than the dike but higher than the polder. The lowering of the quay makes the polder perceptible throughout the plan. By positioning the area and preserving existing structures and entries, it will not become an enclave but will be easily accessible and will have an inviting public outdoor area with residential quality on the dike, in the neighbourhood and on the polder.

All soil that is excavated will be reused within the project boundaries. The soil released from the lowering of the quay will be placed in a gable roof shape in the middle of the site so that it drains towards both the polder and the current ditch.

The building plots in the plan have a deep dimension, within which plots can lie both next to and behind each other, and we give the parcellation a yard character. The connection of the deep rear yards to the finely-meshed traffic structure of the area creates an intimate public space with a special quality of stay. In the heart of the neighbourhood, there is space for a public square, with a fantastic location on the polder. The square will have a leafy layout with large trees, semi-paved surfaces and a hardstone sitting edge all around. This materialisation will create an identity of its own, which will be reflected in a subtle way throughout the plan.

The urban development and landscape plan were designed by DELVA and Houben / Van Mierlo architects. The architecture of the houses in Amsterdam-Noord and the adjacent Waterland is an important source of inspiration for Houben / Van Mierlo’s design of the homes in Klein Kadoelen.


Landscape Architecture: Delva

Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Houben/Van Mierlo Architecten

Project Location: Landsmeerdijk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Design year: 2016 – 2020

Year Built: 2020

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