Kemerlife XXI

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Location: Istanbul / Turkey / Type: Residential Parks / Roofs / Water features / Built: 2006 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on May 4, 2012

DS Landscape: Kemerlife XXI is settled on a particular residential zone where Istanbul’s most important water reserves and yet least clean underground water exist. Through the collection of rainwater in the walk-through aqua garden that acts as open water storage, landscape design provides the creation of a microclimate which enables the use of water ecosystem’s plants. Uniquely designed with mundane materials, Kemerlife XXI is the least heat-dissipating and the most efficient water utilizing project

Kemerlife XXI is a multi-housing residential project which settles 40000 meter square. Within the architectural project’s style and foresights; in its own environment, project has achieved being the least heat-dissipating and without any loss, rainwater utilizing project. No waste due to landscape is being left, especially when project is located in the area which has slightly environmental issues. With that also a new ecosystem has been created which put forward users’ happiness and biorhythm. In the located area, in contrast to the ordinary, environmental issues were dealt in a responsive way. All the terraces were designed as usable gardens and social center was designed as an aqua garden. Not only microclimatic but also both relaxing and entertaining aqua garden help landscape to become a unique contemporary design which does not imitate the nature, but on the other hand, builds a new one out of it. This garden was utilized as house gardens, in-between house pathways, playgrounds and socializing areas. All the materials used in the project were found in the near environment and derived from the processed natural materials in the construction area.


Within the collaboration with client, architectural group and other disciplines, in the whole process, as much as possible minimum construction and operational expenses, easy maintainable and pleasant living environment were main aims to be achieved. Utilized inner court creates a unique texture with reflecting water pools, hardscape and softscape elements. Both refined and rough materials show the diversity of landscape. Each part of the inner court was dealt delicately different way. For night landscaping, it has been used the reflective characteristics of water and plants. The transitions between buildings have been designed as walking paths which has same character as the façades of buildings. Wooden blocks that have been used in the entrance help the landscape to have different perspectives.


Landscape Architecture: DS Landscape
Project Type: Multi-family housing
Project Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Budget: 12.000.000 USD
Design Year: 2006
Construction Year: 2006
Landscape Area: 40.000 m²
Lead Designer: Deniz Aslan, Ceren Hancıoğlu

Aslı Çalıkoğlu – Architect
Ceyda Özbilen – Landscape Architect
Gürbey Hiz – Architect
Architecture: EAA Architects (Emre Arolat Architects)
Photography credit: Gürkan Akay
Text: DS Landscape


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