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Johannisberg Wetland Park

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Location: Sweden / Type: Nature Paths / Restorations / Wetland / Built: 2021 /
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Rich waters is Sweden´s first project within the EU´s environmental program LIFE IP. The project started in January 2017 and is ongoing until 2024. The goal is to improve the aquatic environment, primarily in the central Swedish waters that flow into, and affect Lake Mälaren and the northern Baltic Sea. The wetland park in Johannisberg is one of the three similar multifunctional water parks being established as part of the project.

The main purpose of the park is to purify the water in the Kapellbäcken creek before it flows into Lake Mälaren. A large part of the creek´s flow is now directed through the wetland park´s six dams, where it is purified before being released into the lake.

As part of making the water accessible and creating opportunities for educational activities, to get up close and experience the animal, bird, the aquatic life, the park has been enhanced with bridges, platforms, and walkways that serve as focal points in the landscape. In large parts of the park, aquatic plants have the opportunity to establish themselves spontaneously or be planted from other wetlands parks in Västerås. By introducing vegetation, conditions for biodiversity are created in a previously monocultural environment. The water flow is controlled, as is the path of the water, but the result is an experience of roaming around freely in a piece of nature.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: Topia landskapsarkitekter

Project location: Johannisberg Wetland Park, Västerås, Sweden

Design year: 2019-2020

Year Built: 2021

Photography: Thomas Zaar, Kristoffer Backman


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