European Hansemuseum, Lübeck

The open space reflects the complex superimpositions, the layering of time, in a minimalist way. The rooms have a simple appearance and an appealing ambience. Reduced to the historical sketches, in addition to the other outdoor spaces such as the churchyard, the pastor’s courtyard and flower patio, the prison compound, the monastery cloister and the Wall am Marstallsteg, the former church interior of the previous castle church will be perceivable in a different way.

The ambience is characterised by tranquillity and clarity, conveying the spirit of the location. The reserved design allows space for contemplation and offers a new experience of the passing of time, the wide range of historical utilisations and the way they are superimposed in the vicinity of the castle monastery.

A fascinating composition of interior and exterior spaces was created in close collaboration with Studio Andreas Heller, Architects & Designers.

Client: Europäisches Hansemuseum gGmbH

Project period: 2010 – 2015

Size: 3.500 m²


1. Rank BDA-Prize Schleswig-Holstein 2019
DAM Prize for Architecture in Germany 2017
Nominee Mies van der Rohe Award 2017
RIBA Award for International Excellence 2016
Gold Award – IF Design Award 2016
2. Prize AIT-Award 2016

Realisation: WES LandscapeArchitecture

Partner: Studio Andreas Heller GmbH, Architects & Designers, Hamburg

Metalco ArchInteligence

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