IFLA Launches Global Studio Program

IFLA GSP is a first step into integrating global landscape architecture academia. The program ties together 4 charettes associated with major LA events across 4 IFLA regions with the objective of research and development regarding the LA future leadership and a global network of LA education institutions.

The LA events will take place during Autumn 2024 in the IFLA EU, Asia Pacific, Americas, and Middle East region; they are expected to be the following:

1. IFLA World Conference 2024 Charette, Istanbul, August 31st – September 3rd

2. Global Landscape Conference 2024 Charette, Taipei, October 7th – 11th

3. Bienal Latinoamericana de Paisajie 2024 Charette, Mexicali, October (date TBD)

4. Landscape Sustainability Conference 2024 Charette, Riyadh, November (date TBD)

The GSP is reserved for Bachelor’s programs; these are invited to apply from all IFLA regions; anyhow, the application is open on a regional “first come, first serve” basis for 2 to 4 bachelor’s programs per region; each of the Bachelor’s programs willing to participate must select 2 of their students and 1 of their faculties that will later represent the Bachelor’s program in the GSP;

Preparatory capacity-building activities will be provided for tutors and students of the participating programs, e.g., facilitated participation in the 2024 online Open Landscape Academy by ECLAS on the themes of Democratic Landscape Transformation & Landscape Culture Language; also, preparatory debates and networking sessions will be provided for the tutors of the participating programs, e.g., on the occasion of IFLA Americas Regional Conference 2024 and LE:NOTRE Institute Forum.

The deadline for application by the interested Bachelor’s programs is May 7th, 2024.

The application must be made by writing an expression of interest at chair.eaa@iflaworld.org before the deadline. For further information, including didactic aspects and expected achievements, please check the materials below or write to chair.eaa@iflaworld.org.





Published on April 2, 2024

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