IFLA Initiative on Migration and Landscape: Call for Participation

Migration, a global phenomenon, has increasingly resulted in the displacement of communities and the proliferation of temporary and permanent refugee and migrant encampments. The precariousness of people’s health is affected by the lack of water and food sources, considerably escalating the vulnerability of these human groups and the rise of psychosocial problems.

To address these issues, the IFLA Initiative proposes to explore and discuss landscape architecture’s role in addressing the challenges of migration and displacement. With our holistic perspectives, we landscape architects, are uniquely qualified to contribute to creating multifunctional landscapes with concerns for food production, food security, and sovereignty as well as, the pursuit of territorial justice.

If you are interested in joining this initiative, fill out this quick survey:




To learn more about the initiative, please view these videos:


Carlos Jankilevich, Chair, IFLA Working Group on Agriculture and Landscape

María Bellalta, Professor & Dep. Head, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, College of Design, North Carolina State University.

Jeff Hou, Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Washington, Seattle

Published on March 21, 2024

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