LILA 2024 — Call for entries now open!

IFLA 2024 Student Competition: Post-Violence Landscapes

Submission Deadline May 26, 2024, at 23.59 (GMT)

“Earth is experiencing an unprecedented rate of change. We are living with ‘Code Red’. The scaleless and boundless nature of environmental crises, along with irreversible degradation in terrestrial, atmospheric, and aquatic environments, pose harm to all living beings and their habitats. A considerable amount of the world’s population is daily impacted by climate change, severe disasters, mass migration, livelihood destruction, land-use change, habitat encroachment, extinction of species, and wildlife crime, all contributing to the creation of post-violence landscapes on Earth.

The IFLA 2024 Student Design Competition invites proposals envisioning post-violence landscapes across various scales and contexts. These encompass but are not limited to post-mining, post-industrial, post-war, post-disaster, post-(im)migration, and post-urbanization landscapes. These landscapes may include earthworks, debris, and contaminated terrains, affected by human activities such as chemical or nuclear sites or anthropogenic soils with changing urban and environmental content.

The competition, divided into three categories (Analysis and Planning, Landscape Design, and Applied Research), invites students to contribute to the global discourse on post-violence landscapes by generating creative and novel landscape planning and design solutions. It calls for a proactive approach toward repairing disturbed terrains, emphasizing the potential for transformative landscape interventions to cultivate spatial, social, and ecological healing. The objective is to cultivate a new generation of designers committed to creating places that not only rebuild physical environments but also contribute to the healing of communities, encompassing all living beings within disturbed landscapes.”




Published on March 25, 2024

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