A housing cooperative had to densify one of their existing housing urbanisations.
To keep the contextual landscape characteristics two vast buildings surround a large courtyard. Architectonically shaped terraces remind of the concise topography of the adjacent Uetliberg. Subtle variations in the geometry and inclination of the slopes create numerous spatial qualities. The specifically composed mix of seeds for the homogenous meadow emphasises this richness. The proposed trees (Pinus, Sorbus, Taxus, Fagus..) relate in density and species to the near forest and the typical garden plantation (Syringa, Hamamelis, Liriodendron..). Pioneer trees (Populus, Fraxinus, Alnus..) act as filter to the courtyard and complement the diverse atmospheres.

The public path connecting the city and the backside of the housing area opens into a small community square. Here the path, materialised in washed concrete in situ, folds up becoming also a retaining wall in the slope. A water basin at the base of the sloped wall with a fountain emphasizes the communal character of this space. Inspired by the characteristics of the Uetliberg forest (trunks, ledges of conglomerate) the pavement of the path and the lights were created for this project.

Architect: von Ballmoos Krucker Architekten AG, Zürich
Landscape architect: vivo.architektur.landschaft gmbh, Zürich (from September, 1st 2012 mavo GmbH and
Neuland ArchitekturLandschaft GmbH)
Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Design year: 2006-2011
Year of construction: 2011-2012
Budget: 3.5 Mio EUR
Text: Neuland ArchitekturLandschaft

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