karres+brands: Hoekenrode square is the connecting link between shopping area Amsterdamse Poort and leisure area Arena Boulevard. With the redevelopment of the Nieuw Amsterdam building the square is one of the last phases of the ArenaPoort Centre district to be developed. The building has been extended and a hotel, cafes and other public functions are situated in the plinth. With its favorable location close to the Bijlmer Arena station, the ArenA soccer stadium, several hotels, bars, shops and restaurants, Hoekenrode square might be the most important city square of Amsterdam Zuidoost.

The design is based on logical pedestrian connection through the area and existing level differences. Granite edges solve the level differences, guide pedestrians and make spaces for terraces on the square. The floor of ceramic bricks in different colour mixes and the granite edges connect to the designs of Arena Boulevard and Amsterdamse Poort shopping area. On reserved area for a future pavilion on the square a grass hill is nows ituated offering long views through the area, a suitable spots for performance stages or a place to lie in the grass. In the main pedestrian connection a special light and water feature is situated. During daytime its lifted edges and water features invite people to sit and play; at night it transforms into an interactive light feature.

A special part of the overall design is the Smart Light lighting design which during night time offers different atmospheres on the square. In collaboration with Lichtvormgevers, Philips and Cisco Karres en Brands made the design for the dynamic and interactive lighting of the square. For each sort of use of the square a different light scenario with specific atmospheres has been composed. The character of the square thus varies from a night life leisure area to a functional passage space for commuters or a catchment area for soccer fans. By means of crowd sensors the lighting schemes adjust to the current type of use of the square.

Landscape Architect: karres+brands
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Assignment: design multifunctional square
Area: 1,7 hectares
Design: 2011 – 2012
Construction: 2013 – 2014 Status realized
Client: Municipality of Amsterdam
Budget: € 4 Mio
Team: Sylvia Karres, Bart Brands, Sander Vedder, Joost de Natris In collaboration with Lichtvormgevers, Philips Lighting and Cisco

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