Hermine Dasovsky-Platz & Susanne Schmida-Gasse

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Location: Austria / Vienna / Type: Residential Parks / Built: 2015 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on September 27, 2016

DnD Landscape Planning: Aspern Seestadt Vienna is Austria’s largest urban development project. In the course of the first realisation phase, special importance was attached to the open public space. DnD landscape planning, winner of the invited competition, created a multifunctional open space framework, which allows diverse possibilities for different use and users. Connecting two squares and the adjoining streets, an aesthetic and functional unity was built.

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White lines, referring to the formerly located, abandoned airfield Aspern, shape and connect the space. The lines interweave smooth, driveable Confalt surfaces with rough cobblestones, recycling material originally used in historic parts of Vienna. Partly, the plane lines are lifted to the third dimension to structure the space and to integrate seating accommodations or fountains. Shade providing trees feature Corten steel protective grids, showing various motives referring to the history of the place.

The two squares and a traffic-calmed street that offers room for children`s play build a unity, a kind of carpet that stretches between the building sites. Guiding lines, continuing the airfield theme in a symbolic way, are developed out of the play street. They appear more concentrated at the modern neighbourhood square that offers a lot of space and diverse possibilities for usage.


Project: Hermine Dasovsky-Platz & Susanne Schmida-Gasse
Location: Vienna / Austria
Landscape Architecture: DnD Landscape Planning
Completed: 2015
Team: DI Anna Detzlhofer, DI Sabine Dessovic, DI Roland Barthofer, Mag art Catherine Ludwig

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