Heinrich-Hertz-Community College

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Location: Düsseldorf / Germany / Type: School / Built: 2018 /
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Düsseldorf’s Heinrich-Hertz-community college is a technical college focusing on chemical sciences. The existing building was extended by a new-built, which offered the chance to redesign the outdoor area of the entire school.

The new schoolyard connects the existing and newly constructed building with the neighbouring Franz-Jürgens-community college forming one large complex of education. Hinting at the school’s name giver Heinrich Hertz an overlarge graph on the asphalt is showing the Hertzian dipole – electromagnetic waves for signal transmission – covering the entire schoolyard.

The existing trees are framed by leaf-shaped fencing, which widens up to seating areas, tribunes and benches. The seating pads are made of plenera – a material made of natural ingredients, mainly rice husks, a side product of the agriculture industry, quickly re-growing and natural. The space can not only function as a yard and general communication area but it can also serve as an outdoor teaching space – a green classroom. 

The school commons are completed by planting beds, the teacher’s parking lot which is embedded into a sculptured lawn and the access to a neighbouring tram station.

Landscape Architecture: Foerder

Project Location: Redinghovenstraße 16, 40225 Düsseldorf, Germany

Year Built: 2017 – 2018

Manufacturer of urban equipment: LiF Freiraumobjekte e.K.

Photos: LiF Freiraumobjekte e.K.

The Google Streetview below may show the site before the construction of the project. 

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