Heel Europa is a true neighbourhood community for people of all ages, with or without specific care needs. It is a care complex where living and care go together. In addition to various rental properties, All of Europe has various social facilities that can be used by people from all over the neighbourhood, varying from a hair salon to a neighbourhood restaurant.

The public communal courtyard is the place where all residents can meet. The garden is open to the public during the day and functions both as a garden for the residents and an active heart for the residential area. Young adults, special care and local residents meet each other in the midst of recreational activities such as jeu de boule, gardening or while sitting at the terrace of the neighbourhood restaurant. A public walking route anchors the garden in its surroundings.

A refined design has created both a public walking route and a semi-private garden for residents. The lifting of large parts of the garden creates a natural separation between the walking route and the entrances to the houses on the ground floor. The semi-private garden is located on the ground floor in front of the houses. Residents, therefore, have a view of a richly blooming garden from their living room.

Due to the large and also changing diversity of users, DELVA has designed the garden as a “shell”. Between the extensive border of perennials, spaces have been created that are framed by hedges. These free spaces can be arranged by the residents themselves and are therefore flexible in use. They can function as a playground, vegetable garden, herb garden or mini fruit orchard.

To facilitate spontaneous and valuable encounters between residents and neighbours, a jeu de boule court and a checkerboard have been integrated into the public walking route. Also, the terrace of the Grand Café o borders this walking route. Seating blocks of oak wood have been placed throughout the garden. In combination with the plants, they form intimate or meeting places. The inner garden thus offers a wealth of diverse spaces. They offer everyone the opportunity to either meet or spend time alone.


Landscape Architecture: Delva

Architects: VMX Architects

Project location: Melkweg 7, Purmerend, The Netherlands

Design year: 2013

Year Built: 2014

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