Hanwha Plaza

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Location: Korea / Type: Corporate/Company Garden / Squares and Plazas / Built: 2019 /
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The design for the Hanwha Plaza accompanies the competitive assignment for the remodelling of the head quarter building of Hanwha, an entry of UNStudio (main designer of the façade and interior), LOOSvanVLIET (public space design) and Arup (consultant for sustainability and façade).

Since the building is located in the cultural heart of Seoul along the Cheonggyecheon-stream it has high potential. The new landscape and façade reflect Hanwha’s status as an environmental technology provider.

The design for the plaza is representative, connecting to the surrounding plots and inviting people in from all sides. The routes are accompanied by smoothly curved elevated planters. The shape of the planters is related to the trapezium shaped facade elements. The elevated planters give a strong and clear identity and create a clear routing to the entrances of the building. The layout of the square has one language. Even so there are different atmospheres within the plan; more quiet zones and more active and highly representative zones. Benches are integrated in the planters and situated along the main routes.

Seoul is well known for its `Indian summers` with spectacular tree colours, which subsequently inspired the planting concept. Trees are not only chosen by colour in spring or autumn, but also for their minimizing water run-off and for filtering fine dust from the air. The different tree species, both evergreens and accent trees, are mixed in each planter. Shrubs are also chosen for filtering fine dust from the air and giving a strong colour effect, especially in spring. Each planter has one type of shrub. The combination of planters with different colours gives a rich experience during all seasons.

The pavement is made of natural stone in different shades of grey. Led lines are integrated in the pavement as special features to accentuate the interconnectedness of the planters and the building. The main routes are marked by a dynamic pattern of dark grey tiles and brass tiles. The sunken garden has an emerging light feature. The pavement in the event zone has interactive light tiles integrated in the natural stone, inviting participation and evening program. A podium has been designed in the event zone as well as an outdoor cinema. In the same language as the podium entrances to the carpark are designed.

Other designers involved in the design of landscape: architect UNStudio, local architect Gansam Partners, additional landscape architect CA Landscape Design

Project location: Cheonggyecheon road, Seoul, South Korea

Design year: 2014

Year Built: 2019

PhotographyRohspace, UNstudio

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