Hahnplatz Prüm

Planorama Landschaftsarchitektur: The town of Prüm, located in the West Eifel, has an outstanding cultural monument in its centre, the St. Salvator Basilica, which is the landmark of the town. Until the planning of the new square design in 2016, the square in front of the basilica was divided into an upper and a lower section by an approximately 3.50 m high retaining wall. The aim of the square design was to give the basilica an open and clearly structured open space of appropriate proportions. The result is a town square open on all sides, which pays tribute to the basilica in an appropriate manner. A lively open space that is equally attractive, usable and experienceable for all groups.

In the course of the measure, the two main roads, which meet at a roundabout to the west of the square, were also renovated. The design idea was to create as little demarcation as possible between street and square. Adjoining side streets were integrated into the square by using the same materials for the pavement.

Anthracite-coloured basalt, historical and new, as a uniform, continuous material, in different surface qualities and formats creates a coherent picture.  Different paving associations and stone sizes define functions and structure the surface. The resulting restructuring allocates significantly more usable space to the pedestrian than before. The publicly experienceable space is strengthened.

The area of Hahnplatz slopes down from the main roads to the basilica and the neighbouring abbey. The previously existing retaining wall gently dissolves into a staircase system adapted to the course of the terrain. By swinging the stairs, small squares are created.  North and south of the edge of the square, low retaining walls flank the steps. West of the main road the partial areas are equally designed and provided with terraces and inlays.

A stepless frame surrounds the square and allows barrier-free access from all sides to every level of the square. A barrier-free connection runs from the basilica to the roundabout, designed from the sawn pavement and with illuminated handrails. Additional light steles set the basilica in a scene, and lights arranged in the floor let the fountains of the water feature shine brightly in the evening hours.

Landscape Architecture: Planorama Landschaftsarchitektur
Project location: Hahnplatz, Prüm, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Design year: 2013-2019
Year Built: 2019

One thought on "Hahnplatz Prüm by Planorama Landschaftsarchitektur"

  1. Eleganz liegt in der Einfachheit! Die Spannung zwischen den superexakten Stufen und dem groben, heimeligen Pflaster ist großartig.
    Chapeau aus Wien.

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