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Location: Copenhagen / Denmark / Type: Parks / Built: 2021 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on March 25, 2022

1:1 Landskab has designed a new and large park in Copenhagen based on Grønttorvet’s special history and identity.

A green park for people of all ages

For more than half a century, Grønttorvet was a market square where people bought and sold fruit, vegetables and flowers. Today, the site is being transformed into a modern urban district centred around a large green park the size of 3-4 football pitches. 1:1 Landskab has designed a lush and green park filled with sensory impressions for the locals to enjoy, preserving constructions from the old halls and repurposing them to define new spaces.

An edible park

The park is built up around three elements: the orchard, lawn and promenade. The orchard contains a wealth of fruit trees that locals and visitors can pluck fresh fruits from, including apples, pears and plums. The orchard is located right by the area’s daycare centre, meaning the children only have to walk a few steps to pluck an apple for themselves.

Lawn and promenade

The lawn offers lots of space for having fun in the open, where children can play tag and ball games while their parents enjoy a picnic. At the centre of the lawn, a large reflecting pool provides experiences and sensory impressions that add something a little extraordinary to an ordinary day. The orchard and lawn are linked by the promenade, which serves as an urban corridor connecting the park with the surrounding properties and urban spaces. Adjacent to the promenade is also Orangeriet, the local café and communal dining area. Orangery also makes for a great spot for locals to sip on a cup of coffee while enjoying the view of the green landscape.


Landscape Architecture: 1:1 Landskab

Status: Ongoing
Client: FB Gruppen AS
Location: Valby, Copenhagen, Denmark

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