Gröna Stugans Park

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Location: Stockholm / Sweden / Type: Playgrounds / Residential Parks / Built: 2018 /
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Gröna stugans park (The Green Hut Park), also known as the Flygplansparken (The Airplane Park), is situated in central Bredäng, a suburb south of Stockholm. It serves as a gathering place for local residents and preschools in the area. Many people pass by the park in their everyday life while commuting to and from work and school.

The first phase of upgrading the park involved organizing a civic dialogue to gather ideas and preferences for the renovation while actively involving residents in decisions about their local environment. The dialogue took place during the summer and into fall and generated significant interest. A sketch of the structure was created with various options following the ideas that came up during the dialogues, and a public vote determined the features of the park’s play area. The most popular request, “Playhouse & Viewing Tower”, was implemented in the center of the park. It includes challenging play such as high slides, towers, suspension bridges, climbing walls, huts, and balancing paths. The park underwent structural improvements, including new entrances, a central path with improved lines of sight, and a renovated lawn that more clearly connects to the playground for picnics, play, and running. A new large oak tree becomes a characteristic center piece along with various flowering trees, shrubs and plenty of spring bulbs.

The iconic aircraft climbing sculpture, present since the park’s construction in 1965, was restored to meet current safety standards. Responding to popular demand, a new “Green Hut” was introduced as a central meeting point, featuring a weather protection roof, a hammock, a bench table, and a barbecue area.

The park was officially reopened with festivities in the summer of 2018.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: LAND arkitektur

Team LAND Arkitektur: Tora Bärnarp, Rebecka Rosén, Emilia Molin.

Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Tyréns (light), Skärholmens stadselsförvaltning (dialogue), OpenLab (dialogue).

Project location: Bredäng, Stockholm. 

Year designed: 2016-2017

Year built: 2017-2018

Photo credits: Ulf Lundin

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