Street Furniture Made with Craftsmanship

Grijsen stands for high-quality street furniture. We know that high-quality furniture, which is produced with care and passion, functions longer and better in public spaces. At Grijsen, we make use of the knowledge and experience of our craftsmen, both during the development and production of our furniture. In this way, we arrive at a stylish solution for every public space.

Professionals you can rely on

Our own professionals are producing and assembling our products. With extreme precision and an eye for detail, each product is carefully put together. The Dutch mentality predominates in our production hall: sober, involved, and honest. Just like our products.

High quality standards

We place high demands on our products. Street furniture should be durable, strong and beautiful. Our products are placed in the outdoor area and are exposed to various weather influences. We take this into account in the design and choice of materials. We make sure that everyone can enjoy our products for as long as possible.

A suitable product for any desired look

The appearance of our products is already characteristic and distinctive for years. Design and user friendliness are of paramount importance in this regard. Thanks to a diverse offer with products, each with their own appearance, is there always a suitable product for any desired look.

Full range of circular street furniture

The Grijsen product range consists of a full standard range of street furniture, ranging from litter bins to barriers and from bicycle racks to outdoor benches for public spaces. Ever since the first design, all products have been completely modular. This now appears to be a good basis for a circular approach. We notice that Circular Economy in the market of street furniture increasingly begins to live. For Grijsen this is not a trend but for years a practical point of departure for all our street furniture.

Published on June 14, 2022

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