Ageing Population Calls For Senior’s Benches For Public Spaces

In public spaces, you can relax, meet and move around. Especially for seniors, it is important that they can use suitable furniture in public spaces. With an ageing population, there is an increasing need for furniture for this group of residents in certain areas.

Accessible And Comfortable Furniture For All

Senior’s benches are an important addition to outdoor benches in public areas, as they are specifically designed with the comfort and needs of the elderly in mind.

The main distinguishing feature is the raised seat height, which is about 10 cm higher than standard outdoor benches.

This higher seat height makes it much easier for seniors to sit down and stand up comfortably, without undue effort or discomfort.

Naturally, all senior benches have a backrest.

In addition, senior’s benches have armrests, giving seniors extra support and stability when sitting down and standing up.

A Suitable Bench for Every Place

The senior’s bench Chat with disabled space also has a possibility to sit next to someone in a wheelchair. Or you can use the space to put down a zimmer frame.

Durable and Circular Materials

Street furniture faces external factors in public spaces. The steel parts of outdoor furniture have a substantial plate thickness, then this is hot-dip galvanised and then powder coated in two layers with a thickness of 120 μm. This ensures good protection. The powder coating can be done in a RAL colour of your choice.

Only FSC-certified wood is used for these benches. Thanks to FSC certification, we can be sure that forests will be preserved for the current generation, but also future generations.

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Published on June 18, 2024

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