Making the Outdoor Space an Experience

Every public space location has its own specific issues. To come up with a good design, many factors play a role. We are convinced that a good public space relaxes people, energises them and brings them closer together. The design, functionality and location of park and street furniture can make an important contribution to this.

From ‘place to buy’ to ‘place to be’

A good example of how street furniture can contribute to the atmosphere can be seen in Waalwijk. The centre of Waalwijk needed a change from a ‘place to buy’ to a ‘place to be’. That is why the Raadhuisplein and Markt in this city were redesigned. Waalwijk wanted a more attractive, livelier city centre and they succeeded. Adding comfortable seating encourages staying in a square. An important contribution to the design of Burobol are the various planters, benches and pouffes of Grijsen.

Relax in clean surroundings

A pleasant place to stay is not only achieved with pleasant seating, good paving or planting. Litter bins also contribute to a clean environment, making it a lot nicer to relax in the outdoor area. The size of the litter bins and the choice of litter bin model may vary. For this, Grijsen has an extensive assortment.

A solution for every design

The appearance of Grijsen products is already characteristic and distinctive for years. Design and user friendliness are of paramount importance in this regard. Thanks to a diverse offer with products, each with their own appearance, is there always a suitable product for any desired look.

Whether the environment should be cosy, corporate or more natural, Grijsen’s extensive range offers a solution for every space. Besides its extensive range of high-quality street furniture, Grijsen also develops customised solutions for specific projects together with architects.

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Published on October 20, 2022

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