Grijsen Park & Street Design

Grijsen is a supplier of high-quality and stylish street furniture. The quality of the street furniture is a top priority at Grijsen. Grijsen has a diverse range, ranging from waste bins to outdoor benches and from picnic sets to tree grates. All extremely suitable for outdoor use in public spaces.

Grijsen is convinced that a good design of public space contributes to the quality of a city or village. Good street furniture gives people energy and brings people closer together. The users of our street furniture, for example residents or visitors of a place, must experience pleasure, comfort and security. Grijsen achieves this by putting people first and by offering sustainable, innovative and characteristic solutions. The design, functionality and location of the park and street furniture can make an important contribution to this.

The company started purchasing street furniture more than thirty years ago and over time has also started producing street furniture itself. The trading company has grown into a real production company with its own warehouse, workshop and skilled staff.

Grijsen can call itself a specialist in the field of street furniture. With over thirty years of experience and hundreds of completed projects, Grijsen knows how to supply suitable furniture for every outdoor space. These can be products from the standard range, but Grijsen also likes a challenge and therefore also produces custom street furniture. In fact, Grijsen likes a challenge and likes to look with a client at which interpretation of an outdoor space is most suitable. If this requires furniture to be developed, that is possible.

Grijsen has provided street furniture for almost every imaginable outdoor space. For example for city centers, schoolyards, company gardens, parks and so on. Grijsen produces a large part of the street furniture himself. Where the steelwork is still supplied by our partners from the region, the woodworking is done entirely in our own workshop. In this way, Grijsen has a lot of control over the quality of the furniture.

Published on April 4, 2022

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