Focus on Circularity and Sustainability

Since Grijsen was founded more than 30 years ago, circularity was the starting point, only we didn’t call it that back then. Climate change is now making more and more organizations aware of the choices they can make in this area to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Long lifespan and reuse

At Grijsen, circularity is implemented from two aspects, firstly the design is important and the second aspect is the choice of materials.

From the time Grijsen was founded, it was decided to make all our products modular. This makes it easy to replace parts if vandalism occurs, for example. In addition, the products are deliberately made of wood and steel. These materials do not break down and result in environmental pollution.

The litter bins that have been outdoors for years can be returned to Grijsen. After a check of all parts and if necessary a new powder coating, the litter bins can be re-used by the same or another customer for many years again. Already hundreds of litter bins have been given a second ‘refurbished’ life.

Choice of materials

The appearance of Grijsen products is already characteristic and distinctive for years. Design and user-friendliness are of paramount importance in this regard. But also a very important aspect is that Grijsen’s products should last a long time.

For steel furniture and steel components, a steel thickness is chosen that ensures that the furniture is very robust. In addition, the steel is hot-dipped galvanised and given a two-layer powder coating. This is very decisive for the longevity and appearance of the furniture. Outdoor furniture has to endure a lot, especially when exposed to weather conditions, for example, sea wind.

Grijsen is also increasingly using domestic timber thanks to its collaboration with the Dutch Forestry Commission.

Leftover material

While producing street furniture, Grijsen has leftover wood. From the leftover wood, Grijsen makes insect hotels. These are made by people with a distance to the labour market. Thus, two contributions to a sustainable society are combined for both people and the planet.

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Published on November 24, 2022

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