Domestic Timber is Here to Stay 

High demands are rightly placed on street furniture. That is why hardwood from faraway countries is often chosen. However, there is also an increasing demand for street furniture made of domestic timber. Grijsen has a good and sustainable answer for this demand!

Preserved Douglas fir

For various outdoor benches, Grijsen uses Douglas fir which grows in Dutch forests. These forests are managed by the Dutch Forestry Commission. The Douglas fir has undergone a special preservation process. This is done on the basis of vacuum pressure, using ingredients that come from nature and are 95% mineral-based. These substances are free of arsenic and chromium. The impregnated elements have an increased durability and therefore belong to durability class 2/3. The preservation process extends the lifespan of Douglas fir.

Durable and attractive design

Grijsen uses preserved Douglas fir, among others, in the Pure series, the Plane series, the Vista outdoor bench and the Natuur Comfort.

The benches in the Pure series have a striking, long and cubist shape.

The Vista outdoor bench (designed by bureau West 8) is ideal for a relaxing moment on a square or in a park. The wide bench has a robust appearance and is very comfortable. Thanks to the beautiful details and powerful lines, this solid wooden bench is an enrichment in the outdoor area.

The benches from Nature Comfort Series are characterized by their simplicity and beautiful details. The furniture is suitable for any surface and can therefore be placed in public spaces as well as in forests or parks.

The Plane series consists of a large variety of modular outdoor benches. The design exudes strength through the large head sizes of the wood.

Pure nature

Wood is a natural product. This gives it a warm and authentic appearance. Each piece of furniture therefore has its own unique character. Knots, resin and cracks are part of the properties of wood. Benches from the Pure series may show relatively large cracks. This is part of the design.

Resin may come out of the treated Douglas fir. The wood is then still in the hardening process. This is part of the natural character of the wood, but is only a temporary process. After curing, the resin can easily be removed with a sandpaper or a brush.

Weather influences such as sun, wind and rain change the appearance of wood. The wood of outdoor benches ages. If desired, wood can be easily cleaned with a brush and a soapy solution of green soap. We do not recommend high-pressure cleaning.

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Published on April 19, 2023

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