Wenters Single Seat With Backrest (Steel)        

It is even more pleasant to sit on the Wenters bench with a backrest. This steel bench has the same powerful and elegant appearance as the other benches in this series but is equipped with a backrest. Thanks to this backrest, in combination with the wavy seat, you can sit backrest and enjoy the public space.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Additional seating comfort through the backrest
  • A real Winterswijk bench!

A real Winterswijk bench!

The ‘Wenters’ (dialect for Winterswijk) bench is a popular model. The bench was ­developed in 1998 for the redesign of the Winterswijk market. The first example can still be found in the same spot over twenty years later. The ­solid benches in this series are an elegant and powerful appearance. Its success is partly determined by the undulating and ergonomic shape of the seat. This shape ensures that the bench is wonderfully relaxed.


The steel version of the bench has a transparent and modern appearance due to the use of reclining bars. The bench is quickly dry after rain because rainwater does not remain on the furniture. The steel is hot-dip galvanized and two-layer powder coated in a RAL color of your choice.

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