Retro Single Seat With Backrest 

The Retro single seat with backrest is one of the latest additions to Grijsen’s outdoor bench assortment. This bench goes backrest to the past but in a modern way. The unique design and chic finish make this bench extra special. The bench has a nostalgic look and is very suitable for A-locations. A suitable location is for example in the center or a town square. The details make this bench extra special: the curved steel of both the arm and backrest and the wood on the armrests.


  • Unique design
  • Living room feeling in the outdoor space
  • stylish appearance


The Retro bench is hot-dip galvanized and two-layer powder coated. This makes the bench, like the other products, last a long time in public spaces. The seat and armrests are finished with tropical hardwood. This wood is 100% sourced from FSC-certified forests. This means that the wood was harvested sustainably and responsibly.

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