Plane Solid Double Seat With Backrest     

On the Plane Solid double-seater comfort from the Plane Solid series is double enjoyment. Both sides of this beautiful seating element can be used. With the Plane Solid double seat, you can efficiently furnish your public space. The Plane Solid double-seater comfort features extra seating comfort thanks to the backrest. The backrest, like the bench, is made entirely of 100% FSC hardwood. The characteristic round shape is also maintained for the backrest. The tapered shape makes the backrest extra comfortable. This makes the bench complete.


  • Floating effect
  • Additional seating comfort through the backrest
  • Efficient filling of outdoor space

Floating in public space

The Plane Solid series is also known as the floating bench series. The Solid benches are designed to look like they are floating a few inches above the ground. This, and the rounded corners give these sturdy and robust benches a friendly look. Through craftsmanship and years of woodworking experience, the bench appears to be made from a single piece of wood.

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