Quadrat Duo

The Quadrat Duo is the larger version of the standard Quadrat waste bin. The Quadrat is equipped with two fractions, making it possible to encourage waste separation. The Quadrat Duo is an addition to the standard Quadrat waste bin. The bin, like all our bins, is of our own design. We are proud to announce that the Quadrat has been nominated for the Netherlands Design Awards.

In addition, Quadrat Duo has two options. It is possible to add a logo to the litter bin. This can be done by cutting out the logo or by mounting a metal plate on the outside of the litter bin. To prevent vandalism, there are firework covers available, so people cannot throw fireworks into the litter bin.


  • Suitable for waste seperation
  • Nominated for the Dutch Design Awards
  • Fully modular construction


The waste bin consists of two fractions, each with a stainless steel inner container with a capacity of 70 liters. In total, the bin has a capacity of 140 liters. The litter bin is also made entirely of steel. This steel is hot-dip galvanized and provided with a two-layer powder coating in a RAL color of choice. In addition, this litter bin is also available in a Corten steel version.

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