Greetings to the Sun

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Location: Croatia / Zadar / Type: Waterfronts / Built: 2008 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on October 25, 2010

Landscape Architecture: Nikola Bašić d.i.a.
Location: Istrian waterfront, Zadar, Croatia
Client: City of Zadar
Design: 2007
Completed: 2008
Team: Ivan Kujunžić – architect (design), Sergej Skočić – engineer (Lights), Želimir Ivanović – engineer (Installations), Barbara Bašić Stelluti (ring design), prof. Maksim Klarin (solar panels), dr. prof. Nikola Vuletić (titles)

5 thoughts on "Greetings to the Sun by Nikola Bašić"

  1. Ranko says:

    I’m sorry to said that somebody missed the name of Light designer of this project, which was Ranko Skansi! Just for the record!

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