Graphisoft Park

Garten Studio: The site confined in the triangle of Szentendrei Road, the railway and the River Danube is a relatively closed unit without direct connection to residential areas. Nevertheless, with the explored significant Roman monuments, it may be the foundation of a future cultural district. The park is connected to the arteries of the city by the promenade along the Danube and by the river itself, and this connection may be further enhanced in cultural sense by the opening of the university.


The real estate development at the banks of River Danube started with a Hungarian architectural software ArchiCad in 1997. The IT firm – Graphisoft, by developing its site, has harboured other important IT and biotech firms since then. On the area of a former gas-works (1914—1984), service, storage and traffic areas were rehabilitated. Leading architectural and landscape architecture practices formed the present image of the industrial park by designing buildings and large green areas. Development now reached the remaining historic gas-works buildings where IT and R&D training institutions of Aquincum Institute of Technology were located. The luckily entwining R&D and IT training as well as the history and natural features of the site gave birth to a unique office park in Budapest.


The three phases of landscaping concerned the central section, the reception area and the environment of the scheduled monument buildings being still under construction.
• The intensive central park offers a place for events, meetings, lectures, informal relationships and recreation. The pond with the waterfall, the stepped coastline with its claddings became a popular community space for the office park employees.
• After the new buildings of the office park, development turned towards the historic buildings of the former gas-works; the entrances of Graphisoft Park and AIT were formed with the playground, promenade and reception area. In the foreground of the university, a metallic copy of Ernő Rubik’s world-famed Cube is installed, in the sunken green surface.
• A peculiar internal world is created among the historic buildings and will be the scene for the outdoor community activities of students. The outdoor environment is determined by basalt pavement, visible concrete banks with Corian sitting surfaces and old plane trees.

Location: Záhony Street, Budapest, District III – HUNGARY
Landscape Architecture: Garten Studio Ltd.
György Szloszjár
Eszter Dandé
Zoltán Stéhli
Commissioned by: Graphisoft Park Ltd.
Area: 32000 m2
Period of design: 2008-2010
Implementation period: 2008-2012

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