Gouda Oostpolderpark

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Location: The Netherlands / Type: Parks / Built: 2013 /
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In anticipation of the development of the district Westergouwe the construction of the Oostpolderpark for the whole population of Gouda started in 2012. This was the answer to an increasing demand for areas to relax and exercise. The original land, almost purely agricultural, has been transformed into a watery Polderpark. This park is particularly intended for recreational use.

The Oostpolderpark abuts the west side of Gouda. This Watery area is a special meadow and polder landscape with lots of meadow birds and cattle. Considering the agricultural use and the existing landscape as qualities, the design reveals the landscape, making it tangible thanks to a light and slightly elevated deck of almost one kilometre long.

The principle for the elevated deck is a straight cultural line through the lushness of the green environment. Because of the peaty environment with its construction limitations and because of sustainability reasons, the floating deck is made of light composite material. Where the floating deck crosses the ditches, simple arch bridges has been added to the boardwalk. On a few widenings in the deck, wooden benches were placed. The furniture connected to the field is made of raw oak piles and planks. This includes one-way gates, play elements, picnic tables and bird observatory screens.

The boardwalk crosses a breeding bird area with a diversity protected wildlife, like the black-tailed godwit, lapwing and redshank. This area is closed between the first of March till the first of July, so the birds can breed quietly. The cycling path and the footpaths around the breeding bird area is accessible throughout the year. Around the floating deck several challenging play elements are situated. The little tow-ferry is the most used element in the park.


Landscape Architecture: Maak.space

Other designers involved in the design of landscape (architects and landscape architects): Studio van Wees

Project location: Polderpark Oostpolder, Gouda, Netherlands

Design year: 2012

Year Built: 2013

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