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Giromagny Social and Cultural Center

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Location: France / Type: Parking / Built: 2016 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on December 31, 2018

The social and cultural center of Giromagny occupies for many years a building on the heights of the village. Neighbour of the fire station and collective housing of the 70s the building was the subject of a rehabilitation project to better respond to the operation of the center which offers cultural activities (theatre, exhibition) and sports especially for children from the neighbouring school.

The landscape project organizes vehicle parking and access to the social and cultural center. The parking lines extend the urban pattern of the barracks. The project aims to install cars on a space that does not read as exclusively dedicated to them. In the absence of car, the space appears as a natural extension of the esplanade. The parking lines are spread to let linear gardens, pedestrians can easily cross this space to the forecourt of the center. Existing pedestrian circulation, especially from the hillside, is naturally connected to the project layout. The old linden and the old pine are kept in these garden lines. A young silver fir from the Vosges is planted there to become the permanent Christmas tree: it will grow and be decorated each year. Concrete bollards structure the project: they keep cars away from linear gardens and personalize the diffuse space of the large esplanade. Their irregular rhythm acts like a breath and allows to make sits or hooks bikes. The cars travel on three strips of brushed concrete and park on gravel ground. Perception breaks with the road typology of roadside car parks and blends into the mineral landscape of the Vosges hills.

Landscape architect: Territoires
Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Malcotti&Roussey architectes of the social and cultural center
Project location: Giromagny, France
Design year: 2010-2013
Year Built: 2014-2016

Photo credits: Nicolas Waltefaugle

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  1. Kin says:

    I just wonder france has no particulat law for parking? There is no marking line on the lot. I should consider about them.

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