German Landscape Architecture Award 2023

We congratulate relais – a member office of Landezine, for winning the main 2023 BDLA Award! Their projects have been in our selection for years now, and six projects by relais are included in our editor’s special selection.

BDLA Award 2023

The winning Lakeside Park and Promenade Überlingen is a fine example of the already excellent portfolio by relais; a powerful conceptual work with efficient social and ecological function, yet simple and modest in appearance.

Besides the main award, the BDLA 2023 Award jury selected nine other projects for typology awards:

Public Space as Centre Category

Marketplace and River Garden, Bad Salzdetfurth
Design: POLA Landschaftsarchitekten

Category Living Environment

Prinz-Eugen-Park, Munich
Design: liebald aufermann landschaftsarchitekten und stadtplaner PartGmbB

Category Use of Plants

Planten un Blomen, Dag-Hammarskjöld-Platz, Hamburg
Design authors:inside: POLA Landschaftsarchitekten

Category Young Landscape Architecture

Brettspiel, Bochum (also LILA 2021 Winner in Schools and Playgrounds)
Design: SOWATORINI Landschaft

Category Landscape and Urban Development

Waller Sand, Bremen
Design: A24 Landschaft Landschaftsarchitektur

Category Historic Sites

Brutalism reloaded. Gustav-Mahler-Treppe, Kassel
Design: LOMA architecture . landscape . urbanism with Riehl Bauermann Partner Landschaftsarchitekten

Category Landscape Architecture in Detail

Hafenumfeld Bad Karlshafen
Design: GTL I Michael Triebswetter Landschaftsarchitekt

Category Green-Blue Infrastructure

Garden Show Eppingen 2022
Design author:inside: PLANORAMA Landschaftsarchitektur

Category Maturity – Projects, 20 years and older

Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, Duisburg
Design author:inside: Prof. em. o.e. Peter Latz, LATZ PARTNER LandschaftsArchitektur Stadtplanung

The jury comprised a group of experts from the German landscape architecture community: Dr. Matthias Alexander, Deputy Head of Department Feuilleton FAZ, Frankfurt/Main / Prof. Ute Aufmkolk, Landscape Architect, Die Planergruppe, Essen / Jens Henningsen, Landscape Architect, Henningsen Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin, bdla Treasurer / Roberto Kaiser, Landscape Architect, silands Gresz Kaiser Landschaftsarchitekten PartG mbB, Ulm / Prof. Stephan Lenzen, landscape architect, RMP Stephan Lenzen Landschaftsarchitekten, Bonn, bdla president / Carla Lo, landscape architect, Carla Lo Landschaftsarchitektur, Vienna / Heiko Patzer, managing director, smb Seilspielgeräte GmbH Berlin in Hoppegarten / Prof. Jonas Reif, University of Applied Sciences Erfurt / Martin Schmied, Head of Department Environmental Planning and Sustainability Strategies, Federal Environmental Agency, Dessau-Roßlau / Martin Schmitz, Landscape Architect, Atelier LOIDL, Berlin

The award ceremony will take place in Berlin on 15 September 2023. More on:

Published on May 9, 2023

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