Friedrich Ebert Park and Bleichwall Park

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Location: Germany / Type: Parks / Built: 2019 /
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Two different park spheres unfold against the backdrop of the historic town fortification, stretching from its austere red brick walls down to the meandering riverbanks of the Glinze and Dosse streams. 

An expanse of lawns in the Bleichwall Park is complementary to the atmosphere of historic Friedrich-Ebert-Park, which is densely stood with old trees. Carefully arranged new parklanes, spots on the waterfront, playgrounds and generous plantings of perennials give this classic public park a moderate redesign. 

The central lawn and rampart promenade of the Bleichwall are only sparsely accentuated by some trees and shrubs. Accompanied by the little stream of the Dosse, a sequence of spaces evolves from the themes of nature, landscape, and garden: an outdoor deck allows views into the surrounding landscape, wetlands nature can be experienced on the small island that has been created by re-opening an old meander, and communal urban gardens were established.

An overall concept for the strip-like perennial borders, materials and outdoor furniture binds together the two parks.

Friedrich Ebert Park and Bleichwall Park (State Horticultural Show 2019), Wittstock / Dosse, Germany

Website: SINAI

Design year: 2016

Year Built: 2019

Photographer: Marcus Witte

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