Friedensplatz and Rossmarkt, Worbis

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Location: Germany / Type: Parking / Squares and Plazas / Streets / Water features / Built: 2010 /
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[f] landschaftsarchitektur: Historical features give the urban spaces of the city Worbis their uniqueness, their atmospheres, their memories. With a superior design concept we try to trace the past and the present, and focus attention on the sense of a holistic approach to the citizens, visitors or hikers to share it. [….] Now you can stroll from one “place” to another with the possibility to discover a new and different “picture“ in each space: The courtyards, rushing fountains, the band of lights and tree lines follow each other at places like the various acts of urban staging. [….]

The atmosphere of the place shall be reactivated with the basic urban structure in mind. The aim is to create a liveable and active centre, by improving the spatial environment and by creating an attractive design of streets and places. The “Lange Straße” is the historic and central axis of Worbis. According to the historical weightiness the street will be formed as a unitary element again. For this, the traffic space will be reduced to a minimum and restructured.

Adjacent to the line of the Long Road, lay the two central squares of the city as well as the cemetery of the most influential Church of St. Nikolaus. Friedensplatz and Rossmarkt will be formed according to their original character as an experience and urban space. Regular series of patches with rectangular formats divided here the central square area of the Peace Square. Taken by the continuation of the small patch of stone in the pre-zone, a separate and homogeneous space is formed. The northern edge of the square is dominated by the newly established St. Nikolaus churchyard. The previous sprawling churchyard wall is replaced by an edging which is clear and emphasizing the strength of the churchyard. Chamfered stairs and ramps produce one this place reasonable access.

The Rossmarkt is the axis between Rentamt, Gülden Creutz and St. Nikolaus. The fountain “Krengljäger” emphasizes the Rossmarkt as a central element. The newly gained, tree-lined area of the Rentamt is divided as a separate room at the Rossmarkt.

Landscape Architecture: [f] landschaftsarchitektur gmbh, Bonn, Germany
Project name: Friedensplatz and Rossmarkt, Worbis
Location: Worbis, Germany
Completion date: 2010 (BA1), 2013 (BA2)
Area: 10.400m2
Cost: 3.410.000€
Client: City of Leinefelde-Worbis
Photographer: Thomas Langreder, Hannover
Text: [f] landschaftsarchitektur

One thought on "Friedensplatz and Rossmarkt, Worbis by [f] landschaftsarchitektur gmbh"

  1. stephanie says:

    Note to German landscape firms: tidying up the paving stones does not count as design. The world is tired of your ‘reduced’ public spaces and grids of trees.

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