Fort Isabella, Vught

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Location: The Netherlands / Type: Cultural Heritage / Residential Parks / Riverbanks / Built: 2023 /
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Fort Isabella, part of the Linie 1629 and former barracks site, located between ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Vught, has had a somewhat hidden status for a long time.

The Isabella Group had the ambition to redevelop the former Fort and barracks site into a unique, small-scale and leafy residential area, where vitality, quality of life and social cohesion are paramount and where living, working, recreation and education come together in a logical way.

Important qualities of the site are the cultural-historical values ​​and historical stratification of the site, its location on the Netherlands Nature Network, the special monumental tree stand and water structure, the coherent image quality of the buildings and the location a stone’s throw from the historic city center of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

A landscape and urban structure plan has been developed for the redevelopment that has served as a framework for spatial developments. Based on the structure plan, HilberinkBosch and Wakker architects developed architectural designs for the individual buildings and MTD landscape architects developed layout plans for the public space. An important ambition of the urban and landscape structure plan and the development plans for public space was to preserve and strengthen the existing qualities of Fort Isabella, as part of the 1629 Line and the valuable and green context. This involves a balance between preserving and strengthening the existing cultural-historical, ecological and spatial qualities and elements and adding contemporary landscape architectural and architectural elements and programs to this. The contours of the historic Fort do not always coincide with the current land ownership; the part with the outer canals west of the Reutsedijk is owned by the municipality of Vught, while the rest of the former Fort is largely owned by the Isabella Group. The ensemble values ​​extend beyond the plot boundaries and are also viewed in that context within the urban and landscape Structure Plan.

Project Data

Landscape Architects: MTD landscape architects

Project location: Vught, Netherlands

Year completed: 2023

Photo credits: Joep Jacobs

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