Fornuddens School Landscape

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Location: Stockholm / Sweden / Type: School / Built: 2021 /
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Fornudden’s new school with a separate sports hall is located in the northern part of Fornuddsparken, Tyresö. Tengbom, as a multidisciplinary practice, took care of the design of the buildings and landscape. The school building functions as a boundary between the apartment building block and the park. It also acts as a gate into the large Fornudds park and the path down to Drevviken.

The theme for the schoolyard is ‘houses in the park with transitions’, where the design language of the landscape is informed by the buildings and then disintegrates into a more relaxed part where it meets with the park. The theme takes shape in strict rows of trees facing the street with a checkerboard pattern of friezes in the ground. The friezes turn into retaining walls with curved shapes that look out towards the park. From the park, green areas look towards the schoolyard.

The surfaces between the retaining walls are submerged and contain play surfaces. Several of the play equipment and fall-protection pads welcome wheelchair users. The schoolyard is flat, which contributes to good accessibility. The stricter areas are furnished for socializing and living areas for older students. Towards the park, a school garden with fruit trees, berry bushes and other useful plants has been created. The garden together with an outdoor stage are examples of outdoor pedagogical elements and contribute to increasing the biological diversity. The basketball court and the running track contribute to the joy of movement both during and after school. Parking spaces have been placed so as not to disturb the business – partly hidden behind low walls and plantings, partially coated with gravel reinforcement as ground material. Lighting designers developed the lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere and increase the feeling of security. The school and schoolyard were inaugurated in the summer of 2021.


Landscape Architecture and Architecture: Tengbom
Location: Tyresö, Stockholm
Built: 2021

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