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Fjordallmenningen Rockheim

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Location: Norway / Trondheim / Type: Skate / Squares and Plazas / Built: 2010 /
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The main goal of the project has been to create a robust, attractive and flexible city park with high quality. It must withstand and inspire the active use of cycling and skating as well as be an attractive urban environment for everyone who visits and works in the harbour area. The park will be an informal meeting place, a social and cultural arena in a central urban area undergoing continuous change.
The project is located between Rockheim (the national experience centre for pop and rock) and the old Tollkammeret at Brattøra in Trondheim. Agraff’s proposal “Aha > Minor Square, Major Sky” won a pre-qualified competition announced by Brattørkaia AS in the autumn of 2008.
The city park consists of an undulating cast-in-place concrete deck, furnished with self-produced benches and shielded from the goods terminal by a planted low steel screen. The screen makes you look up at the surrounding landscape so that it becomes part of the experience of the urban space, while the visual noise from the road is muffled. The city park has 9 groups of 3 trees that are planted close together to give the place some softer, lush elements.

Design year: 2008

Year Built: 2010

Photographer: Kristoffer Wittrup

Domain: project webpage

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