Farmyard Kolkenstein

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Location: The Netherlands / Type: Gardens / Built: 2014 /
Published on February 7, 2022

This large farmyard with a monumental old farm is surrounded by very different, beautiful landscapes: a nearby estate with a castle, the village, the dike planted with enormous, old oaks, and the pond behind the dike. By creating clear lines alongside the buildings the yard and the surrounding landscapes are (visually) connected. At the same time, these lines separate the different spheres with different functions: the vegetable garden, the orchard, the lawn, the terrace. These gardens are situated at the front area, the living area of the farmyard. These lines also separate the front and rear of the farm, traditionally the neat and the more ‘messy’ sides of the yard.

At the rear side, in the direction of the pond and the dike, a Corten steel edge forms a contrast between the rectangular lawn and the lowering, lush landscape towards the water.


Landscape Architecture: Buro Harro

Built 2014

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