Fantoft Central Park in Bergen

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Location: Bergen / Norway / Type: Campus / Parks / Built: 2022 /
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From a grey parking lot to green and blooming park.


We have transformed the area, which used to be a grey and boring car park into a green and playful park – for the pleasure of the many thousands of students who walk around the campus every day.


Under the header “From Central Parking to Central Park”, we have prioritized community. Utilizing the area’s unique potential, we have created a safe, healthy and inspiring student experience. The area’s flows and energies come together in a green and flexible framework, providing space for everyone, and simultaneously allowing space for relaxation and activities.
All the downsides of the area have been turned into potentials. Today, the students use the park for football, pétanque and barbecues in the evenings. Along one of the buildings, we have established (perhaps) the world’s longest study bench, where the students socialize and enjoy the sun.


The project rethinks the overall plan for the campus area at Fantoft. The ambition has been to create a park with a strong, unified and appealing identity that can brand the university and thus attract the best students from all over the world. The large existing and boring parking areas have been transformed into a lush city park that forms the framework for recreational activities and social life – and handles rainwater.
We have created a smooth transition between the public and private areas, to ensure that both residents and guests are invited inside.


As the project group leader, WERK has been at the head of a team of landscape architects, engineers and hydraulic specialists. As a landscape architect, WERK has been responsible for idea development, sketching and projecting of the urban space, including:
• Coatings and surfaces
• Quotation, drainage, climate adaptation
• Planting and biodiversity
• Fixtures and fittings.
• Calculation of construction budget

Website: WERK

Design year: 2018

Year Built: 2022

Photographer: © wichmann+bendtsen photography

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