Fair square North A, B & C

designed by /

Location: Austria / Vienna / Type: Residential Parks / Roofs / Built: 2019 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on January 15, 2020

DnD Landschaftsplanung: A characteristic feature of the whole area of all three building sites is a shape of a long ypsilon, with a floating movement in it. The target of the setup is the integration and variation of these several open spaces and to realise an attractive pedestrian path connection in between. DnD is designing and creating different parts as green hills, green bridges, a green courtyard, the structure of the diverse driveways, but also the concept of light design and planting.

Office name: DnD Landschaftsplanung

Team: Anna Detzlhofer, Sabine Dessovic, Robert Wiener, Sonja Schwingesbauer

Plan credits: Robert Wiener

Architecture: Architekten Tillner & Willinger

Project Location: Vienna, Austria

Competition: 2006

Start of planning: 2013

Opening: 2016 Area B,C

Opening: 2019 Area A

Photography: Wolf Leeb

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