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LILA – Landezine International Landscape Award 2016 goes to the Catalonian office EMF – Estudi Marti Franch. EMF was selected by the 5-member jury out of 76 offices. Visitors of Landezine awarded Felixx, a young Dutch landscape architecture office with LILA People’s Choice Award. Congratulations!

The Award ceremony will take place on January 20th in Ljubljana, Slovenia. More info about the event will be available soon on landezine.com and via newsletter.

Marti Franch is in his projects not only successfully solving spatial, environmental and physical problems concerning the sites he works on but with very respectful interventions manages to nurture landscape architecture also as a cultural discipline. His landscapes offer educational and experiential richness, often in fragile environments.


EMF designed landscapes are a result of a curious design approach that emphasises the curiosity also in the visitor by leaving landscape features and stories hidden enough to be discovered rather than just put on display. The narrative in Cap de Creus projects awaits the user in suggestion and not in the direct message. This way the user interacts with the meaning, making the experience far more intense and memorable.


La Tancada Salt Fields and Cap de Creus, are blending ecology, natural and cultural memory into harmonious and at the same time very powerful experience. The grounds of Can Framis museum illustrate EMF’s ability to intervene in dense urban fabric. A green, almost forest like ambience in the middle of Barcelona, again with a direct connection to the site’s past and ecological measures for cooling down the site with dense planting.


With Les Echasses project Marti Franch is effectively using natural processes to create a lake for a nature like resort. Instead of just creating a lake the landscape is proposed that first creates natural conditions for a lake to take place as a consequence.


EMF is practicing excellent scientific and technical work, but most importantly also proves well manifested paradigm that visiting landscapes must mean a culturally fulfilling experience. In the times when ecosystems are constantly being challenged by the consequences of human activity preservation and restoration of nature are vital for the wellbeing of all species. Marti Franch is aware that promoting subtle change in order to emphasise overwhelming natural forces and features left ‘as they are’ in nature plays a very important role in establishing a bond between the user and the landscape – people and environment.


The first LILA goes to a sensible, curious, flexible and integrated design approach that is managing to overcome a vast range of spatial, environmental and social challenges.

winner of LILA People’s Choice Award 2016 is Felixx!


Felixx is a Dutch landscape architecture office and was selected by the visitors of Landezine. See their winning profile.

Published on November 15, 2016

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