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Estates Tempel and Nieuw Rhodenrijs

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Location: Rotterdam / The Netherlands / Type: Cultural Heritage / Estate / Built: 2018 /
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You are invited for a tour of one of Rotterdam’s most hidden green oases; the estates Tempel and Nieuw Rhodenrijs. The two publicly accessible estates have a rich history dating back to the fifteenth century. From the beheaded statesman Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, to the Russian KGB has taken refuge on the estates. The estates are being renovated and given a public function. 

On the north fringe of the city of Rotterdam lie two monumental estates: The Tempel and Nieuw Rhodenrijs. The estates are undergoing renovations and will soon be redeveloped into a living environment for elderly people in need of care amid a publicly accessible recreation area. Estate the Tempel is over 300 years old and has rich flora and fauna. The integration of care and recreation must therefore be done carefully. Bureau B+B drew up the development vision and landscape design. 

The estates, situated on the river Schie contain traces of 300 years of garden history: the Tempel has a typical 18th-century layout with classicist avenues, baroque water features and a sculpture park. In the nineteenth century, winding paths were added in a pseudo landscape style. Nieuw Rhodenrijs was laid out at the beginning of the 20th century in a strict architectural garden style with strict geometry, long lines and architectural elements. 

The purpose of the transformation is to develop the two historic estates into a beautiful outdoor area where a living environment for the elderly naturally goes hand in hand with recreation. The estates are strategically located in the recreational network that is currently being developed on the north flank of the city of Rotterdam. The nature preservation group ‘Natuurmonumenten’ has joined the project as a partner to manage the estates as part of the nature and recreational area of the Schiezone and Northflank. 

In the design, the experience of the different historical periods has been enhanced by restoring iconic elements typical for that era. New, contemporary elements were added to create new connections and facilities at places where they were historically not present. A modern corten steel boardwalk now connects the two estates. 

On the river Schie, a new jetty with a terrace was realized for recreational boating on the river. In the future, there is also room for a small pavilion serving drinks and snacks. About fifty residential units will be built on the care estate. The site will be divided into different domains, which vary in the atmosphere, following the original garden rooms of the estates. Residents can decide for themselves whether they need privacy, social interaction, rest or activity. The buildings have a direct relationship with the garden, so residents are invited to go outside every day and experience nature. 

Landscape Architects: Bureau B+B

Project Location: Delftweg 182-186, 3046 NC Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Design year: 2015 – present

Year Built: 2018 – present


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