6 Ways to Boost Your Landscape Rendering Workflow with Real-Time Visualization

Landscape architecture renderings let you visually communicate ideas so you can exchange feedback easily and get to design decisions faster. 

Thanks to real-time visualization software, what was once a cumbersome process has now become a seamless workflow experience where you can instantly visualize your project as a fully rendered 3D walkthrough that can be explored from every angle.

Enscape is a real-time visualization tool that plugs directly into your CAD or BIM application. Its real-time rendering and VR technology give you the easiest and fastest way to turn models into immersive 3D experiences. Here are six ways it can optimize your landscape rendering workflow.

1. Design and visualize simultaneously

Enscape is a plugin that unifies design and visualization processes. What you work on in your CAD or BIM application is mirrored in the rendering window without the need to click a ‘render’ button. Any changes made in the model are reflected live in Enscape. The speed and ease of this bi-directional data exchange mean you don’t have to constantly switch between programs while you design.

2. Elevate renderings with Enscape-ready 3D models

The Enscape Asset Library is packed with high-quality 3D models. The ever-growing collection includes over 600 vegetation assets which you can place and adjust from both your CAD or BIM interface or the rendering window. You can populate scenes quickly with trees or bushes with the multi-asset placement feature. You can also import custom assets so you have the flexibility to include a specific asset in your landscape rendering.

3. Materialize ideas easily

The Enscape Material Library lets you access over 200 ready-to-use Physically-Based Rendering (PBR) materials with built-in maps. On offer are materials such as bark, gravel, concrete, wood, and more. Save time from searching for or creating materials yourself, and use the Enscape Material Editor to fine-tune the materials.

4. Make use of interactive sun studies

See how light and shadows impact your space with interactive sun studies. Adjust the sun’s position and the time of day to set the right vibe for your landscape rendering. You can also change other atmosphere settings within Enscape’s Visual Settings tab.

5. Experience your design immersively

Explore your landscape model in virtual reality. Allow your client to walk around the project to easily identify components that need adjusting and give them a deeper understanding of what the space will look like. Use a supported VR headset to access an immersive environment with just one click.

6. Share your renderings with ease

Enscape offers various ways to export your landscape designs, from still renders, to 360-degree panoramas, to videos, and more. Generate your rendering in seconds and share them with clients and stakeholders easily with the various options available.

Render your landscape designs with Enscape

Enjoy a more efficient and effective way to design and visualize. By signing up for a free 14-day trial, you get access to additional landscape assets and a sample project.

Published on December 5, 2022

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