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Location: Italy / Treviso / Type: Gardens / Built: 2013 /
Published on August 26, 2013

MADE associati: The design project for this small garden (two areas of approx. 800 sq.mt.) responds to the need for the construction of a car port, a storeroom, and to redesign the lawn space in the two adjoining areas of the house, the building of which dates back to the early18th century. The space was reordered across simple lines: the large white square defines the lawn space with an Italian style garden design, the material line delimits the car port and storeroom space, connecting to the house via the paved axis.

In relation to the construction of the garage the local authority building regulations regarding the plumbing made it necessary to insert a tank measuring approximately 20 cubic meters. This requirement was used as an element for the garden formation avoiding the construction of a cement built element, but instead, modelling the ground and the land capacity to become an expansion area in the event of excess water. For this reason, the white line shown corresponds to the siting of a drainage channel which, when too full of water, enables it to flow out through to the garden lawn. The depression in the ground is visible in the path connecting the garage and house in which the paving slabs protrude from the ground in varying thicknesses.

The space for water, equivalent to the tank requested under the local council water plumbing invariances, is obtained through the modeling of the earth in correspondence to the central lawn. Within the depth of the white channel two fissures have been created, covered in cor-ten, that allow for the osmotic passage of water in moments of a water emergency. The car port and storeroom area is separated from the garden via a series of metallic blade-like elements inserted into the ground at different angles. The blades have slight movement vertically, generated on windy days.

On the east side there is a secondary garden connected to the kitchen and occupied by a circular woven structure, an arbour for eating lunch outside. The lights are held in a circular crown-shaped element, and there is a nebuliser to refresh the surrounding area.

Landscape Architecture: MADE associati _ Michela De Poli, Adriano Marangon
Location: Treviso / Italy
Completed: 2013
Client: private
Vicolo Pescatori, 2
31100 Treviso _ Italy
Coll: Francesco Faggian
Structural design: Sergio Linguanotto
Plumbing consultant: Andrea Mori
Photo: Adriano Marangon, Michela De Poli, Corrado Piccoli

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