Domani Production – Pécsvárad, Hungary

“Domani gives an age-old art a significant place in the future. Just as our name implies.”


A gently curved palm. A resolute stroke of an index finger. Or a forceful blow of a knuckle or mallet. A Domani piece, whether in clay, zinc or corten steel, bears witness of its creator. It remembers every touch and carries a memory forever etched in its permanent shell. It displays traces – of mankind and of the elements.

Domani is formed by hand. It isn’t just handmade – each piece shows the unique traces of the palms, fingers and tools that give it its shape. It is a living vessel that carries the imprint of its master – the way exquisite pottery and metal craftsmanship have done since the beginning of time.


At Domani, we take pride in only working with natural materials that last. Materials that have been around for a long time, and that have a place in the future.

For over 200,000 years, man has made pottery using the same age-old methods. Not much has changed in the fundamental process of transforming a piece of raw clay into a durable pot. Despite the advent of civilisation, and later industrialism, there are no shortcuts in the comprehensive process that lies behind a handmade Domani planter. To us, clay pottery represents an art form that is firmly rooted in human history. Clay, a pure and noble material sourced directly from the earth, is a living substance – rich, delicate and essential to life.

One might say that the process of creating one of our pieces is at the mercy of the elements, with only mankind’s touch to guide the outcome. Our pottery is made from a pure mixture of earth and water, forming a sensual and pliable matter to be sculpted by the craftsmen. Once the planter takes its shape, it is left to gently air dry, until it is ready to be placed into the kiln. The extreme temperatures of the fire brings about a unique alchemy that solidifies it into its final form. To us, working with clay and transforming it with air and fire is an endlessly compelling elemental process.


Throughout history, man’s relationship with metals has organically guided the way that we live. Metalworking is an important practice that has brought us together, fortifying our societies and our livelihoods.

Just as metalsmiths have done for millennia, our craftsmen ensure that each zinc and corten steel piece we make naturally becomes one with the elements of water and air as they oxidise, equipping them with a protective shield and patinated finish.


Domani manufactures high-quality pottery that consistently reflects the passion and expertise of its craftsmen. Founded by Bart Bauweraerts, Gino Van Den Breen and Pieter Leemans in 1992, the company oversees all steps of the manufacturing process, from the conception and design of the collections at our Antwerp headquarters to the production of each piece in our own facility just outside of the historic Hungarian city of Pécs. The city is home to the world-renowned Zsolnay Porcelain Manufacture and is equipped with over 160 years of acquired skill in stoneware and ceramic production.

Opting for purely manual production methods and age-old techniques rather than machine-made and automated, we value those tell-tale remnants that only human hands leave behind. The clay is mixed on-site to achieve the perfect consistency and colour. Each pot is crafted manually, and each texture and finish is applied by hand. Our glazes are custom-designed for various collections. Similarly, our zinc and corten steel pieces are assembled on site. This guarantees the quality of each Domani pot – as well as its uniqueness. The character embedded in a Domani piece gives it not only its tactility but also a closer connection to those that took part in its creation.

Domani’s past is one of responding to tradition, change and challenge. Over the years, we have striven to reflect on and align with what is happening in the wider field. Tradition is important to us, and progression equally so. We are committed to the idea that change should be brought thoughtfully and sustainably.

It is Domani’s belief that the presence of a simple pot or planter – whether as a standalone piece or as a vessel for plants – should inspire a sense of poetry and instil soulfulness to any garden, terrace or interior space. We aim to produce items that stand the test of time, and that will earn their place in our customers’ lives, becoming cherished objects to be passed down along generations.

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Published on September 7, 2022

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