Penthouse Antwerpen – Antwerp, Belgium

“It is a search for a specific soul, truth and strength; an interior that lasts longer.” (Hans Verstuyft)


Belgian architect Hans Verstuyft approaches each project with an open mind and an experimental perspective. His work seeks to enable a new way of life, rather than providing a simple rational solution to a spatial issue. As a ‘space artist’, as his clients sometimes call him, Verstuyft uses a signature palette of natural materials to instil warmth, comfort and personal touch to his soft, minimalistic spaces.

At Verstuyft’s own home and office, housed in a 1966 office building in the centre of Antwerp, his eagerness to experiment has resulted in a duplex penthouse that feels anything but corporate. The flood of natural light, which Verstuyft agrees is a key element of his signature style was achieved by adding an open-air courtyard, encompassed by full-height bronze-anodised aluminium windows on both floors. In its centre, a tall 35-year-old Persian ironwood tree adds an organic feel to the space.

The penthouse, featuring lime-washed walls, sandstone shelves, walnut wood furniture and brass detailing, serves as the perfect backdrop for Domani’s pots and planters. The space reflects our passion for natural materials that age gracefully.

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Published on November 2, 2022

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