For many millennia, terracotta has been used to create beautiful objects of art and earthenware. Indeed, the earliest examples of its use have been traced back to prehistoric times. While always maintaining its typical colour, which ranges over different hues of reddish-brown depending on the iron content, our terracotta clay is made using a kaolin base with properties that virtually eliminate water absorption. This ensures that a Domani terracotta pot is frost-proof, lending itself to year-round use in any climate.


Pot · Ø50 h36cm
Pot · Ø60 h45cm
Pot · Ø70 h50cm
Pot · Ø85 h63cm
Pot · Ø100 h78cm
Pot · Ø120 h87cm

Vase · Ø80 h100cm
Vase · Ø100 h120cm

Vase · Ø45 h110cm

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