Neuendorf House – Majorca, Spain

“Minimalism is not defined by what is not there but by the rightness of what is and the richness with which this is experienced.” (John Pawson)


The 1991 Neuendorf House, British minimalist maestro John Pawson’s very first house project which he created with Italian architect Claudio Silvestrin, is a study in subtracting to achieve excellence.

A narrow and perfectly straight 110-meter-long stone path runs through an almond grove, leading up to a villa that stands like a strong medieval castle in the rugged Majorcan landscape. The towering pink-orange walls are split open by a slender vertical entrance slit, followed by an enclosed courtyard featuring a lengthy limestone bench, set low to the ground. Inside, the spacious home unfolds in a series of labyrinthine corridors and rooms, which makes exploring the house feel like stepping into a minimalist geometric art installation.

For some, minimalism might seem like an easy way out. But for us, focusing on the essential is an act of courage. This is an idea we know well, as every shape, finish and colour in Domani’s line of products is constantly re-evaluated. In minimalism, that which is left is bare for close scrutiny. And it has to be strong enough to speak for itself, in all its simplicity.

Published on June 29, 2021

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